Comments on the Mussar Soul-trait of “Loving-kindness” (Chesed)

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The following quote is taken from the book: Everyday Holiness” by Alan Morinis on the soul-trait of “loving-kindness”

“It isn’t enough to hold warm thoughts in our hearts, or just to wish each other well.

We are meant to offer real substance to one another, and the ways in which that can be done are innumerable:

We can offer our money, time, love, empathy, service, an open ear, manual assistance, a letter written, a call made . . . .

Each minute of the day provides us w/ an opportunity to be present 100% for ourselves and the other person in whose presence we stand.

With such a wide open door to the Divine & such an explicit invitation to enter into our being, how can the Spirt of the Blessed One not infuse the moment w/ divine purpose, as well as providing mutual access to Divine intelligence to see new answers, divinely infused creativity to find new ways and ‘chesed'”.

streetart47-485x650My own thoughts on the soul-trait of chesed or G*D’s loving kindness:

At the practical level, what is most lacking and appreciated is tenderness. Tenderness simultaneously .  

The result is a truly glorious moment of mutual emotional satisfaction that touches the hearts of both giver and receiver. At the level of everyday life, such tenderness reveals  (i.e. revelation) G*D’s faithfulness;  we experience a ‘knowing’ in the center of our being that says: “G*D is in His/Her heaven and all is right w/ the world (tikkum olam), at least for this one moment”.

Quote from Letter of the Scattered Brotherhood, page 80:


 “… vital importance for you to reach up and touch this quiet, still, clean holy, omniscient place of eternal peace all the time. This is living beside the still waters, here are the green pasture. Abide in the living word and you yourself will be sustained, comforted and given joy , and so you will help (those in need) through their ordeal. There is no time nor space in the realm where you are aware of the Holy Spirit.”

We know the Spirt by its victorious tone.
Emerson’s Journal

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