LSB: page 152

February 16, 2016

The time has come to lift the very spirit of you into the current of faith {for} it is indeed a current — a mighty, creative, creating recreating revivifying mood which, when reached, will set free an active joyous inspiration beyond your conception. You cannot keep the Spirit disincarnate if u abide in it.
This power has toughed the great ones of the earth; it has changed the tide of battle, for it is inward strength; it is courage, is has a hundred names.
Keep in the current of faith, the tone of faith, for it is the tone of morale. Create the atmosphere of achievement, creative expect  ancy. Forbid all negative impatience, for in this mood is high hope and assuring trust. THis is an uplifting form of communication free from the heat, noise, and confusion of human personality. It is augustly impersonal; it is divine order, it is perfect balance and can only be reached by the discipline of appetites — appetites for anger and critism, resentment and self-justification.
You can be lead astray by angry strangers and ur own desire to present your outer persoanlity favorably.  It is the old enemy, the egotist; from selflessness within to sudden self without is a sharp change!
Faces, voices, chameleon-like personalities confuse and alter ur whole scale of values apruptly in the outside world. The mind can trip and sprawl when caught by the snatching, insistent difficulities of daily living.
There is a zero hour for all who who hold hight their thought, their vision — waiting to meet the temptation of fear with courage. But we have told u many times, courage is your only safety.
Practice the little test as you would practice putting into use any useful knowledge, and the more you do this the more you are saved “ordeals-by-fire,” for you acquire a strength which will not fail, through the sense of your rdaily companionship with the Voice for G*D within, the Spirit of the Divine that is your Source, that walks with u, whose strength you use, whose power is your for the asking, whose mightiness is illumination and whose gentleness can make you great and give you peace.
“I am thy holy Spirit of inspiration within thee, I am thy power to fullfill it.” cited to ‘Anonymous’