Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ~ excerpt 196-198

June 12, 2014

Excerpts ~ pages 196-198

It was promised that in obedience to the words given, you would be protected and held together, held from your own scatterings. You know well enough that you make your human difficulties yourselves through your unawareness.

Now remember this, you will each be safe and protected within the fortress of your own making; therefore we ask you to draw within and stay there. This drawing within and staying involuntarily controlled is a task for those who would be masters of their material and spiritual lives, self-contained in G*D [see note*].

You are tired, for you have let your armor slip from you, and you have a sense of futility. That is understandable, for the spiritual way, which is new to the race (compared to the way of human experience), is difficult for the mind to remember.

Here we are, telling the same stories in the beginning! Let us examine ourselves; what is the holy Grail we seek?

We seek absolute dominion over life; this is the long adventure, the direction and the purpose.

We seek the wisdom, knowledge and intelligence to face and eliminate from our character those weaknesses and inertias, fears and lukewarmness which brings about that state in affairs wherein we have no dominion, but are enslaved by those who may have more intelligence and strength, even though they are still on a lower plane.

Facing the realities, therefore you will agree that we must play this game of the will–to–win as one plays the game of tennis; with a concentrated one-pointedness of the will to succeed, to surmount all difficulties, to keep emotions calm, serene; to keep from anger which immediately gives the antagonist the advantage.

In this game is necessary to keep joyous and understanding love, to keep faithful because that is where your heart is, inspired, transcended that you may know yourself as child of G*D. When you affirm this joyous and indomitable resolution and keep yourself involuntarily within yourself, sure, undismayed, unafraid – then you will not scatter and be at the mercy of the violences and the jealousies, this humiliation’s and the dullness of stupid events.

Those who are faithful and aware of the companionship of the spirit, those who know they do not walk alone through the violence of these times, know also that the steadfast given them by the spirit when they are channels for it, helps mightily to strengthen unity of the whole, even though fear and peril stalk the earth.

Rise and shout within yourself for the state of dominion and perform what should be normal results instead of passively fumbling at an idea. What we call normal results by making this principal work you call a miracle.

The time is come to march against this type of darkness and carry your lighted lamps quietly, steadily. Heal yourself, your bodies, your character; get out of the slough of indefiniteness and bewilderment; come in where you belong and give this tragic world the infinite qualities of the Spirit [that are yours] when you let it have its way with you as channels for joy, beauty and truth.

You are spiritual beings, and are great and noble people when you are your divine selves. Now stand up in the center of your un-regenerated selves and be born again. Be miracle workers, pierce the clouds, pierce high heaven and Light will come pouring through; for [the Spirit] is thy friend, comforter, teacher, solace, and strength — [your] impersonal, eternal Reality.

Now is you appointed time; rise and be illuminated, rise and be awake, knowing that your hands are uplifted. [G*D’s] wisdom is in thy heart, and His strength is in thy body. In this state of grace, ask what you will and it will be done unto you, pressed down overflowing. You have sensed this is the truth, now make the truth a reality.

All the great works wonders that God is ever walked. Period. Or even God himself with all goodness, can never make the blast, but only insofar as they exist and are done in love, known, tasted, and felt within me. Theologica Germanica, 1497

They had observed lying vanities forsake their own mercy. Jonah 2:8;