LSB: Excerpt ~ page 141

February 15, 2016

In reply to your need, I must say what I have already said so often – that simplicity of approach is what you require at the moment; if only you could see, if only you could hear, if only you could know how simple, how tender, how radiant is the feeling of oneness with your indwelling Spirit!

I shall try and compare it to a very human experience. When you were in love your imagination was held captive by the one you loved and the whole untone of your day was uplifted to that object. Often the image of your beloved was more real than the actual person, who as unreal and as unseen as I am at this moment as I write to you. I can only repeat that to receive the sense of the love of the Spirit, to receive the divine wisdom and knowledge, you must truly ponder and meditate and hold the high image steady and true, as you so involuntarily held that human image of your beloved.

It is true that you are at the place of your desire, that you want infinite peace and comfort in a trouble world, and it is difficult, with the interests and alarms of the day to return to a quiet moment of communion like the one of this moment, as you read; it is hard to conjure up in your mind the quality of feeling your mind is now touching. But if you were really in love you would not have to search for this feeling; that involuntary emotion would tone would underpin your whole day; the trees take on a richer hue, the skies clear, and even the people in the street would seem endowed with nobility because that emotion would of itself clasp and hold high the very jewel your hearts desire. The materialist knows this and he would say say that it is impossible to live in the tempo of youth’s first love, and yet I say to you that this is the way and the truth and the life.
You will grow to love the beauty and the clarification of the revelations that will come to you and you will learn gradually that this peaceful calm knowledge and inspiration are part of the rebirth that has been the prophecy through the ages for all those who walk this path, the prophecy fulfilled through love.
And remember that the more tender, the more open, and the gentler you can be in your quiet time of acceptance, of stillness, the greater will be the power pressed through your silences.
I would begin bring to your remembrance that you can love your way out of all seeming frustration; by loving to be silent, by loving to tune the infinitely delicate instrument of your mind to its high purpose. I hear you say, “oh, why does it not work?  It has worked in precisely the same measure of the loving you have put into it.
In quiet listen to the Spirit within you speak:
My will in thee is Joy not sorrow
My will in thee is faith not fear
My will in thee is awareness of My love for thee,
Let My will within thee be done.

Quote from The Upanishads:

Truly it is Life that shines forth and all things!
Vast, heavenly, of unthinkable form, it shines forth…
It is farther than the far, yet near at hand,
Set down in the secret place of the heart…
Not by sight is it grasped, not even by speech,
But by the peace of knowledge, one’s nature purified  –
In that way, by meditating, one does behold Him Whi is without form.