LSB: excerpt ~ page 137

February 16, 2016

p 137
The confusing aspect of your progression is often due to the fact that your conception of how the events should be shaped just never fully realized your way; they are largely influenced by your emotional state some thoughts. It’s hard for you to see this, being in the midst details which are insistent and pressure which is immediate.
As we said before, use the little things in your daily life is reminders; if a bell rings, the clock strikes the hour, stop for a moment and say: “where am I at this moment? Am I in the state of ignorance, of tention, or in a heavy place? Or am I reaching upward, purifying my whole nature through my listening spirit so that the burdens of obstruction will not be in my path?” For that that is how to melt your way through your difficulties, it is the way of peace and not the way of war

What you said today the horror of war between nations, but I tell you that the private wars in the darkness of the human consciousness are no with violent an alarming,if they eventually become manifest an injury to one so if this will others. It is time to face this, that is why we tell you over and over to keep gentle within, to “leave all quietly to God”, and to awake into your godhood and to be Godlike, Christlike feeling towards your fellow man.
The ungentle way is war, and never victory. Remember that evil is that which is out of balance, but he that is out of balance cannot achieve, as you desire to achieve. Keep your balance by not plunging into thoughts of terror, of suspicion and criticism, for he cannot walk in the company of such thoughts. You have a last reached a place where you sense a sustaining love, a protecting spirit; be more and more confident that the work of the Father is always done within {you} first, and keep your divine balance so that when events come to trouble you, you will not be weak and your thoughts scattered and uncontrolled.
Be encouraged by the thought that there is an in voluntary life going on within you, a healing is taking place, a freeing from dark emotions because you have asked to go the divine way. Let in the light to shine upon your anxieties, to shine upon each problem and be divinely expectant always.
One of you says, “I was swept into the outer circle, thoughts of resentment and foreboading, Of pride and fear pulled me down.” Nay, do not be too much hurt. Step down quietly, sit down quietly, as a table will be set before the in the presence of those enimies. Listen, listen for your very life! Learn this utter stillness so that he can come in times like these; even lay aside the remembrance of these thoughts and rest with your whole mind and soul on the surety of the Shepherd’s guiding hand; follow happily through the valley of shadow; follow with full trust, bless each moment and purify it.
Challenge each concept, remove the dross before accepting, and in this state of holy awareness time will dissolve, pressure will be lifted, doubt released and ye shall be free indeed. Go with the tender step, giving on to others that which has been given to you.
Alfred Lord Whitehead, 1861-1947
The order of the world is no accident. There’s nothing actual which could be actual without the measure of some order. The religious inside his grasp of this truth: that the order of the world, and the death of the reality of the world,. Period. The beauty of the world, the system of life, in the ministry of evil, for all bound together – not accidentally, but by reason of this truth, that that universe A creativity with infinite freedom, and the realm of forms with infinite possibilities: but this creativity of these forms are together impotent to cheat actuality, which is God.