LSB: excerpt ~ page 109

February 16, 2016

This is the time for rededication, is the time to live at your spiritual heighth. Do all you can to keep free from negative excitements; rather be open to quiet, powerful faith. Indeed, it is through your silences that the flaming powers press. It is difficult with our limitations and the human scale to comprehend the majesty of the spiritual power within; it is a faculty to make the instant flaming, and these holy,  inmeasurable powers are only trusted to you when you. are universal, selfless. Lay down anxiety, lay down impatience, lay down frustration; clear the heart and Seek Ye first the kingdom.

I cannot tell you how to take yourself in hand, for that mental and spiritual discipline is the part of a man must play for himself in seeking the kingdom, as I said before,; but you can keep a retreat like a pool in the rapid; or, to make a better image, do you think the iceberg which is 7/10ths underwater. When you learned that seven-tents of  you must be still and calm and in control, while three-tents is in active life you have some conception of the grandeur of the attempt were making. In the old ways three-tents was with the source of inspiration and seven-tenths was with — well, shall we say it!

This is only friendly talking, trying to bring to your remembrance what is yours. May I see here that the mind cannot remember easily when it is full of criticism; you cannot afford to take umbrage, to have prejudices, nor hold yourself these violent human emotions which flareup in human contact. Let them go and dwell in the source of all love, infinite love. Now ‘infinite’ you have heard before, so often that it is been pinched down into a meaningless term. But when you begin to get the savior of it, “love,”, following after, is revealed to you and it’s full sense. Then the power of the God Omnipiscient becomes yours. Prepare yourself to be sons of God, to rise to your full height and live most of your life and spirit while {you are} in the material world.
. . . The discipline of the body and the spirit is an exercise as old as time. The conflict of body and spirit, joy and sorrow, it’s been an accompanying mystery; the dawning of man’s consciousness to light has been a way of suffering, but the journey has not been in vain, for the victories of the past are still in the race and those who have conquered are with you, and have helped to make the journey safe, to hold your spiritual self together, to keep your divine awareness that you might not slip into the waters of forgetfulness nor the alluring forest of false dreams of beauty. Therefore, in the insistent, dismaying clamor of need you must invent, each for himself, his own methods – though of course, the best of all ways is with life itself.
I will give you a talisman to use in times of pressure, of drabness, of temptation. Say, “there is no measured time at this place, no future, neither is there a past. I am in the eternal moment, the limitless, Infinite, now. My spirit is deathless, immortal, and through it I am in touch with all wisdom, all beauty, all goodness. In this eternal now I rest susstained, supported, comforted.” All is contained in the present, eternal, moment.
See your appointed position in the great concept, in this eternal moment; for you are bigger than the limitless oceans, or the planet, or the planetary system, or things past or things to come. Carry in august stillness your soul as you are carried about by your body with all its slyness, weakness and tendencies which lead to oblivion. Awake to the eternal moment.
Quote by Margery Kamp, 13th-century
If thou wear the hairshirt, fasting bread and water and dif thou saidest every day a thousand pater nosters {Our Fathers}, thou shalt not please Me so well as yhoudost when thou are in slilence and sufferest Me to speak tothey soul.