LSB: Excerpt ~ page 102

February 15, 2016

Your world is invisible, the world if your spiritual life within; but invisible is also the world of rumor, racial Sears, ignorance, the greed of the multitudes, public opinion and human passions. All these are invisible so our creative inspiration, honest endeavor and integrity. Invisible also is the intent which makes the true servant of medicine, that which is behind the long hours and personal sacrifice; all this is faith in visible. Many who see a sword see but a blade of sharpened steel; but it is the symbol of anger, pain, annihilation in woe. Those who look and are held captive out there by what they see our amazed and be Willder when invisible forces suddenly focus into an event. They are startled and disturb when the hidden forces the mind has qualified are manifested in action.

You who from desire for truth and internal beauty have stepped out upon the great adventure are coming out of that strange captivity, the prison of ignorance, and when you realize the invisible wall in the visible, the incarnate in the car on it, the Holy Ghost and flesh and blood, spirit in matter, fought in back of the material world, you have learned your first lesson. Have pity upon the tortured soul who is been performed by that which assignment within him. Because of the invisible world of mind and thought we can reach one another; and because of the diffidence of the Holy Spirit we can make gifts of healing and peace, without a word. In this way we will be the second commandment….
The invisible is the only reality; honor is invisible, so was love; yet they all last in all wheels crumbles and changes. Go forth, thin, beloved invisible ones, knowing that you have touch the only reality. The place where you now stand you have reached through listening, following an invisible desire, a vision which pierce the dark. There is a tendency for you when your feet are weary and your shoulders are tired of the burden and your motion smother you with fear. Ill smelling winds blow up on you from those places were liberty has been imprisoned, honor defiled and greet unmasked; you hear it invoices, it’s sweeps across the daily news, and meet you at every turning. You are in a sea of invisible negatives if you look down; all ancient, all insisted. They challenged me and my father and my father’s father and they challenge you. Face them! For all these things are met at some time. Face them and then look up and see them no longer. He that dwells within is the light of the world and can shine through your every act if you will but obey, live in his presence and keep illuminated in his light.
Therefore shine intake great heart whether there are wars are rumors of wars, alarms and confusion all the high cry of chaos, four through him abiding in you you can fulfill your privilege of life and bring light into the darkness.
Keep your mind a lighted lamp.
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