Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ~ excerpt ~ page 203

June 12, 2014

A classic source of spiritual wisdom for those seeking inner strength and serenity

Excerpt from page 203

For what can we give praise, what can we give thanks, for what can we rejoice at this time?

Let us not use these words lightly, nor fail to look into the face of suffering and dread as they walk the earth. The question is not: why do they fill the world today? They have always been here; do not confuse quantity with quality, in suffering or anything else. The great prophets of the Judeo-Christian faith all walked amidst violence and savagery. In spite of this Yeshua instructed the faithful to “Ask that your joy may be full”.

It is the same age-old question today. What is important is not ‘Why’, but ‘How’ — how are we to meet the invasion of our hearts and minds by the bitterness by bitterness of the world?

Down the ages come the answer, over and over again, in many times, from the steadfast ones: “For when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him”. The standard has to be lifted first in the heart, and then reborn daily within us in our resolution, our courageous action, and the constant renewing of our mind and in a fiery faith. ….each is born not alone, but with the symbols the fortitude and loyalty, of the faith and humility of love and protection standing near, …. If we can but read the signs.

You who have your stopped ears can listen and hear if you will. It is difficult for us to awaken you to your full opportunity, for we cannot shake you to want realization of the way you should go for your own protection, for that of your beloveds, for the world; we have try to give you a sort of manual to train yourself to keep young, fluent, and full of faith; for human events so charged with emotion and terror are very difficult to manage if one has no manual, nor the Divine Advantage.

Such people drift down into sleep, turn their faces from realities, so that when they are confronted with cruelty and savagery they lose their balance and add to the general wait of despair; they have not made their faith in actuality. Do not think this [i.e. our advise] is a selfish protection for your own bodies and souls, we tell you that it is a dedication to the way that will bring healing and peace.

When you walk in immortality there is neither big nor little, and when you “deny yourself” by making clear the way for the Spirit, you’re getting Light to the world — giving It when of yourself you do nothing. What is ask of you is to keep this Light burning brightly in quietness and to carry this illumination with you always.

Your lamp must not go out, and it will not if you will obey your childlike instincts. This is no time to be one’s hands against doors of brass, too rages at injustice, human evil and materialism; lift your hearts high above the storms of hatred and fear.

A great goal can be yours if you will be simple, and in all tenderness and love and assurance we ask you again to stand in the Light and not waver. You cannot understand events and their causes, but you do know that keeping your emotional centers where they belong is your safety and by doing so you help profoundly in the regeneration that will come to pass. We ask that you prepare yourself to be beacons … your simple prayer: “teach me teach me to do my part.”

We have heard you say you’re tired of waiting. For your life sake, plunge into the Immortal Living Present now and you will not “wait”. One has said: “if thou dust every hour throw thyself by faith beyond all creatures, beyond all reasoning into the abysmal mercy of God, then thou shall receive his power.”

Do you not see, do you not yet comprehend that Love within is the beginning of all things, and you are forever beginning? Always renewing, always being reborn. That is the eternal and holy gift, and in this time release thyself to the fullest of joy…..

Christmas [the middle years of the WWII by those living in the UK]

Note: Parts of the second paragraph were not transcribed and I occasionally exchanged Christian-centric language for non-sectarian words that conveyed the same basic idea.