LSB: excerpt ~ 150

February 16, 2016

When u r in communion {with your inner Source} u r in the pivital place, in the center where your safety lies; you are n balance, 4 this is the plumb bob that does not sway n the midst of alternating violence and peace. ^ … U r here in the center of the storm; keep 2 this point, timeless, immortal… ^ ….. be faithful in intent and all you need will be revealed to you.

^ … sometimes lie still in silence & feel the earth turning under u, the universe of stars above and below, {all} held together by the serene force that is within yourself. Lie there and received in silence, and let the light shine through every cell of your flesh and bones and say “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.
… think of your heart as the center of the universe and let it say “LIGHT” with every heartbeat….
Put all ur faith n this secret-holding companionship and u will b astonished. It is becoming as a child.
^ Hold ur selves to Yourselves; b spiritually tough, indeed b holy. No conpromise; and do no keep this as a sort of sanctimonious concept to tu rn to vaguely. Take the dare and converse with G*D. Ask Him simply and bring Him into your life and you will not blank out so ften.
Try not to let these ephemeral, impinging, daily pinpricks steal away your immortallity, which you can begin 2 knownow, for this is your great moment, now …… now …… now. Now is the time of salvation, which means ‘safe return’. Arise and shine for thy light has come.