Letters to the Scattered Brotherhood, pages 54-55

by faithgibson on August 19, 2022



Walk in immorality now

If there ye are intent upon wisdom a lamp will not be wanting and
a shepherd will not fail and a fountain will not dry up.


LSB page #54-55

In our searching for the way, sometimes one moods is more helpful than another, and here’s a very childlike one for tired spirits

As a child, when you were pushed ahead by your nurse or your mother in your carriage, you had a spacious open feeling; a knowledge that you were being safely guided through the unknown.

Try today to recapture feeling only half remembered deep within your place of memory, and in your imagination lie back in confidence and face the future with an open heart, a knowing that the Presence who is guiding you is good, loving, protecting.

When the moment for action comes there will, of course, be much for you to do; but because of these moments of rest you were here better than when you were told what to do and how to do it.

Give out love; give royally of it, but keep silent. Build a thick area about yourself of a shock-absorbing substance, make an image of protection that will neutralize the natural alarms that may be call you may be called upon to experience. This is first aid.

Laugh and be merry, for that is healing to those about you who despair. Be humble and human and tender; be selfless and patient with the forgiveness that permits you to go to the altar; be simple. In fact, be the child pushed ahead, having the knowledge that you are in safekeeping, in loving hands.

If you can live like this in the midst of every day confusion, then you have nothing to fear. Fast and pray; keep in this corner of light within your within-ness and you will be free from dread and ache and fear. Fast in thy mind; pray by accepting the joy of God and keep within where it abides. Go that way, blest, being wheeled before the Holy Company.



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