Letters to the Scattered Brotherhood, pages 31 to 33

by faithgibson on October 4, 2022

Letters to the Scattered Brotherhood
Edited by Mary Strong
Published in 1948

Pages 31 to 33

You entertain the spirit because of the desire within you; spasmodically, it is true, and with irregularities, but the desire is there. And the spirit you have entertained has burned away heavy impurities — ignorance and the heavy lethargies. And the burning away of dross through spiritual growth is the beginning of spiritual health. The spiritual action to let in light and more light , spirit and more spirit, with its understanding and its power, is a gift that will make you free for it will teach you to stand within your inner you and lookout undismayed through the outer you. You are beginning to change the base of your operations. I will explain in simple allegory what has happened, for your help; for those, who, like yourself, have sought the way for the way’s sake, go through a definite process.

It is as if, before you had self-conscious understanding, you had been encased in clay and the clay took on life and went about its business carrying the sleeping you within. Clay, being clay, took on the spirit of clay life. One day the clay of your particular entity was pierced by light, a revelation which woke this sleeping you, and the clay-self turned to it and found a comforting remembrance, peace and reassurance. You became more alive, or better still more awake. This is a clumsy picture of what has taken place, but it may help to show you how after more light poured through because of your awakened desire, the clay began to dry, and turn to dust and cracked and gave way, so that the outer encasement is growing thinner and thinner.

This is an inward picture, it has nothing to do with the body except as the body reflects health and release. Those who are doing what you are attempting are spared much of the bludgeoning the clay is heir to. Instead of going through fire to be tempered you deliberately ignite and illuminate yourself with this inner flame. You burn yourself free and step clear of the rough and the tumble, the trial and error and the hard law of consequences that wait in the dark for those who carry no lamps. In this there is a great responsibility and a great joy.

If the weakness are not met spiritually, they thicken the clay again and faith becomes dulled , tarnished. Do you not begin to realize the importance of the working method of examining the moment as it comes and making it spiritual? You have sensed at least that when an outside problem of vexation or decision comes, instead of letting your outer you be consumed, it is happier to keep in your divine personality .

Burn your own dross, temper your own steel, and be spared. Not through a selfish motive nor through fear of punishment, but through love of truth and beauty. Goodness and mercy, order and beauty and inspiration are in this inner you, and this heavenly radiance is melting away the dross of old habits, mental states, weaknesses, inertias, and fears, not only those of your lifetime but those inherited through the past from the race. It is a large order that you have asked for! Therefore keep released from tension, relaxing quiet and in confidence which is your strength.

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