Letters to the Scattered Brotherhood, pages 3-5

July 24, 2018

LSB, pages 3-5

Yes, it is always more or less the same problem, that of dealing with states of mind and as we have told you before, they are nothing but challenging thoughts rearing up to attack you. When we first told you that all things human can be resolved to thought, you received an intellectual perception; you received also that when your mind is tempted from its spiritual center, your defenses are lowered and you automatically allow the outer you to have more freedom than is his right.

Now that you have come into a small degree of realization of this truth, there is still a tonal recollection of the fear contained in the old thoughts and that fear lies heavy on the spirit. Try to throw all that into the limbo where it belongs — give it no fastening room; it will then clutch emptiness and be swept away.

Your task is to remain eternally unshaken within, to meet untoward states with what we have called action–thought. Heavenly thought is divine order; it is clean, it is joy, serenity and peace, and it will bring about your victory; no more to rear in anxious thought or chaotic emotion. Let them fall off like the dreary bundle they are and step forward into your divine personhood.

In human relations, refrain from the luxury of emotional storms of resentment and “righteousness” indignation. There is no righteousness in emotional violence, and if you are assailed in the shadowy night, when your armor is loosened, pray simply as you did when you were a child, for has it has it not been written: “The entrance of thy words giveth light”?

The task for this period is not to let uncreative thought have lodging room you say you make pictures, your mind conceives them like dark magic. Try not to do this, and the best way not to make negative pictures is to make spiritual pictures. Let into your mind the noble company of thoughts, and thus will you keep out the rabble.

Make your mental company glorious

I understand your dilemma. The mind grows tired of one thing, and once it tires and dries up, you must have a bright new toy to catch the careening mind and give it fresh comfort. You are not alone in this

The stream of consciousness is often like a disorder; a fumbling, a groping of the human race, is this formless thinking. The great ones have left many guideposts and I will recall one to you: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee”.

Be careful not to misunderstand this and sink into solemnity, which can become a melancholy. Do not strain gnats; release others, release yourself, be gay, be reborn, be refreshed!

And the voice went forth throughout the world and each one heard it according to his capacity; old men and youths boys and sucklings and women: the voice was to each one as each one had the power to receive it.

Shemoth [R. C. V.]