Letters to the Scattered Brotherhood ~ pages 174-75

February 15, 2016

Excerpt ~ LSB, pages 174-75

“In every walk of life man places the curious hurly – burly of daily living, which brings with it the wavering faith in the invisible realities – honor, integrity, principle.  <We> often discard them as burdens in what seems to <many of us to be a> meaningless and futile world.

It is the same with nations as it is with individuals, when expediency replaces wisdom and the long-view. In human occasions, one’s ideas for oneself seems very pitiful; it is up and then down again, retrogression, self-betrayal, and then hope and self-discipline, attack, retreat, sloughs <of the despond>, backwaters, opposing tides, giant fears, and cruel realities.

No creative man <or woman> in any endeavor escapes the sense of confusion and striving on the plane of material effort, whether he <or she> is a professional, a businessman or an artist. But when <we> turn inward, and restfully leave all this to the serenity of the <divine> order, <we> find release and that the inner wisdom will rebuild the world out of chaos.

There is no other way to this accomplishment. You can see the working, for it is as delicate as a butterfly’s journey through a hurricane. It will light upon the most unexpected Havens.

It is true that the valley of the shadow is frightening and it is sometimes difficult to find Him Who says: “I am with you, I am thy rod and thy staff”.  But accept no negative whatsoever, particularly in the darkest moment, for you have been told that you are temples of the Holy Spirit which abides in you and never leave you, nor forsake’s you. That trust in the dark brings light, not resignation, which is often a negative, for humans need to believe that “when the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him”. <You have> but to believe it!

In times of anxiety turn like a child to the simple instructions, knowing that “the Father within doth the work”, and you can do nothing but rest in that assurance. Be strong in faith, a spendthrift in love, keep a valiant heart, put on your crown and be a knight indeed!

Love conquers all things.”

pages 174–1 75