Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood, page 50

July 24, 2018

“Walk in Immortality Now”

LSB hardcover, page 50 (page 61 in soft cover version published 1991)

Let us use our imagery. Once there was a white bird with a blue bill and orange feet; it was neatly plumbed and took joy in flying over waves. This bird was of the sea and lived in the far north certain seasons, and in flight took long journeys across continents to the cold again. When buffeted by winds it followed its unerring instinct, rose high, straightened its wings and held to its course in safety, clear of all danger. It flew above contrary air currents, high and over great violences, held and protected by the instinct inherent within it.

@@So it is with the souls that is controlled by the self-conscious realization of its relationship to the power of the spirit in which it abides.

The symbol of the bird suspended in horizontal flight, high above the tumults, the challenging fears and unreasonable panics, applies to times like these. Dark thoughts try to reach up and drag the bird from the sky, for it is the constant conflict between the outer and inner you.

You have surely arrived at the place where you can, in wisdom, know that there is a balance that can be kept, a high air of safety that you can seek {and} where you are protected from the wastage of false alarms that gather to form cloud. Spread your wings in the current and rise high above, serene and confident to the up current and rise high above, serene and confident in that power which holds you in that high altitude; fly over in the sky free from all danger, in the safekeeping of your true direction, of the knowledge of it, the instinct for it, and the desire for the manifestations in your life of the love of God.

Be the winged Word and fear nothing! Then will you be in the very center of the concept, divine instinct made manifest which is revealed in light, in swift action, in order and in balance, protection and beauty.

You have the choice of this clear high impersonal yet loving peace, or the storms of human existence. Spread your wings straight and catch the first morning breeze of divine promise and hope, and be lifted into that high place where freed from the clutching of circumstances you can, with a great heart, give strength and surcease to those you love, to the world; for you have let yourselves become humble messengers for the divine.

As a humble child, fearful and wary, do not sit down in dismay upon the unsure ground of apprehension, but take your spirit and spread it forth like the wings of a bird and let it rise high and clear into the shining sun of faith; let your spirit take wing and of the surety it can carry strength and hope into the farthest reaches of your human life

Fly high, for thus it is that one rises from dead thoughts into immortality.

Somewhere within our life is a standard
as invisible as the equator is relentless
as the seasons ~
P. H. Elliott