Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ~ page 10

July 21, 2018

LSB page #10

Someone said long ago, “religion is not a melancholy; the Spirit of God is not a dampe!”

We have told you many times to keep from any tendency toward sadness, resignation and melancholy in your lives; the Spirit must never be resigned nor melancholy nor gloat upon sorrow, which in some, unfornately, is associated with the spiritual way of life.

If the spirit is real it is joy in essence, it is peace and faith.

Faith, divine faith, is an illuminated state, it challenges everything mortal with a confident joy; indeed I would like to use the word merriment instead of joy it’s in the old English song, God rest you Merry gentlemen; let nothing you dismay!

Yes the world is sad, tragic and the suffering terrible. But we have been shown how in such times we must and can be collage Gallant and to be Gallant is to be joyous and to have true joy we must have faith.

The kingdom of heaven is happiness because those who have found it in abide it become aware of the beauty of the infinite spirit. Those who live in that kingdom know that  must be meet and challenged with the shout; challenge everything with the spirit of joy.

This may seem hard saying for it seems to leave out pity. No, the lifting quality of confidence, faith and ultimate victory, heels, sustains and comforts those in darkness and and sorrow. If you can keep your inspiration gaily, confidently, many of the discouraging human attributes will be purified.

The secret is – and this is what you are here for – to find the pearl of great price, to keep from losing it, from letting it grow dull and to remember that it has the power to release you from those characteristics which is held you prisoner to your own limitations. This is being on the side of the Angels.

The Eternal Good is to those who wait for him, to a soul who seeks him. It is good to wait in silence for the help of the Eternal;  but I manciple loan in silence, since it is the but I manciple loan in silence, since it is the Eternal’s hand.

Lamentations, chapter 2.

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