Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ~ excerpt pages 191-193

by faithgibson on October 2, 2022

A classic source of spiritual wisdom
for those seeking inner strength and serenity

A classic source of spiritual wisdom
for those seeking inner strength and serenity

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ~ excerpt pages 191-193

It may be helpful for you to consider the fact that to permit stupid thoughts to dwell and slip through the mind is as dangerous as to let sharp delicate tools through the fingers.

Therefore the old practice of self-examination is recommended if it is made with clean, concentrated thinking that challenges one’s words and deeds during the miniature life of a day, thus planning for the future. See and realize the strange unreasonable elements that seem to come from nowhere; shades of savagery born from self-pity, and the constant over sweet voice that indulges the self, condoning excuses.

There is much degeneration due to emotional storms, even though they are secret storms, that make the strong tools of creative, intelligent though to clear away. Yes, build yourself a practical, efficient, spiritually hard-working instrument that will live your life for you more easily, and in balance, so that you will walk surefooted through states of emotion. When you are stung by hurt, an unreasonableness, a delay, watch your response; take it out and look at it. You are to think your way out. Now that you are more aware of divine assistance, cease from being fools, for the wise man is he who when hs prays for wisdom and receives it, acts upon it. Many pray, receive and do not recognize it. Pray that you may realized the tools of though – recognize them – when they are put shining into your hands. There are no excuses in this realm

This is not preaching in the old scolding way; this is awakening in your consciousness the inspiration knowing that you can overcome the world; you cannot overcome the world by formless prayer, although I would not confuse you by implying that you have to put prayer always into words.

It is the deep intent, the idea, that carries power; the shape of a cup shapes the substance it contains. That is why the emotions behind word does not always bring what we expect and desire. It is not enough to say “my kingdom is not of this world.” That is a truth, noble divine theme, a statement of intent .

What matters is how you going to prove that there’s a kingdom with in you where you are crowned king? Your life is not placed in the palace, but in a very restricted, irritated small area of reality we meet the heat and cold of public opinion, delays and obstructions, jealousy, malice, lacks, boredom and strain. It is not enough to say “my kingdom is not of this world”, and not arrange your thoughts accordingly. An awakening is taking place, a dawning, for the time is approaching when you will realize that you cannot advance spiritually unless you act as you given you, instead of receiving, hearing the voice and then doing nothing about it.

Out of the race have comes such realizations because every human being who has made this journey has come to this place, this time of understanding, when he sees that acting upon the revelations that has come to him is the only way he can win to victory.

Here’s a prayer for thy comfort;

“I stand in the light of the Spirit knowing that this tired flesh is not the reality of myself. In this Light I stand, aware of my immortality now. I will dedicate my waking hours to realization of this Presence in the knowledge that I never alone. Thou art with me always and thou art my refreshment.”

There’s only one Wisdom; is to understand the thought by which all things are steered through all things.
Heraclitus, 500 BC

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