Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ~ excerpt ~ page 216

by faithgibson on October 2, 2022

These times are very, very big and potent.
The only hope is to be bigger than the times and more potent

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ~ excerpt ~ page 216

What needs to be realized is your own importance in the scheme. You’ve been told to stand to your full stature. This may sound silly to you, but if everyone did this, everything would be kept in its proper place, and the beauty in order and brightness would fall out of the sky like magic. That is why reformers fail, as they do not work from the inside out. If they would but look up into the sky above, they could bring down the kingdom of heaven to this weary and bewildered earth!

Of course it is necessary to discipline appetites for rage, emotional regrets and all the things that rough-and-tumble life present to you, but really there are only two things — the darkness of despair and greed, and the light of eternal joy, either black or white.

By merely turning your face away from darkness to light, you are in light and darkness does not exist for you. Mathematics! Impersonal and clean as that. That is why it seems so stern to the sentimentalist to think G*D should do everything for them.

No, each one has to go through the process of finding out that the fight with materialism and all the cynical forces is one where he or she fights alone; the fight is choosing the idea or awakening to the idea, and new ideas are always painful to the unspiritual.

Those who plan too well, like certain (WWII) generals, never achieve in the hour of crisis. Those who plan too well are those who have fallen in love with their own system.

Those who are creative, open, released, free, growing and alive will, in times of crisis, received that great flash of inspiration which saves nations. All is in the approach. If you approach the spiritual growth by planning, you will delay your progress. But if you approach it in the true way, you will find no obstruction.

By falling in love with the spiritual state you will solve the riddle of how to be always aware of the Presence. That is the problem of you who are where you are now. It is as if, when unaware of that which you truly desire most, you step into black pockets and life is blank – out of order.

Now love is order; it is beauty, it is living mathematics.
It is a vital organizer.



Another way to look upon this problem of spiritual evolution is to regard your outer you as one you would educate. What are you trying to bring forth in this outer self? – a living consciousness of oneness with G*D. Look at this outer you is if he (or she) were stepping forth into life delayed by temptations along the way, wasting his noble gifts on nonessentials; lotus eating.

He finds himself in certain states of psychic sleep, of emotional cul-de-sacs, which numb the imagination, often imprisoning. What does G*D want for this outer you? For you to tenderly hold this youth and lift him to his full height, shaking off the inertia, indolence, drifting; for so much of the hurt and pain comes through omission – blank states. It is like the vacuum formed in the sky which brings about the tornado.

Be aware of vacuums! Filled them with light and the still, eternal, joyful spirit of a tender and loving God.

The Stoics and religious fanatics went the outside way by fasting, by penitence and monastic routines. Many found peace of a kind, but the pearl of great price was not often there is; the pearl of great price can be yours but for the loving.

Beware of the emotions that are host to violence”. M. A. W.

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