Letters from my sister, Crystal: Today’s topic ~ The United States of Amnesia & a Singularity of Consciousness in the Age of Trumpism

by faithgibson on June 12, 2018

by Crystal T ^O^


Imagine the United States as a single consciousness made up of different perspectives. This single consciousness is on the cusp of waking up to realize the power of its’ own imagination…that we imagine our lives both BEFORE and during our lifetime. 


Lately, we are calling out bad behavior, meanness…even rude speech as unacceptable all across the country.  Power plays by men upon women is suddenly outed and disapproved.  A lot of people have gotten themselves fired…even Rosanne for a mean tweet! 


Heck of a learning-curve, this ONE Consciousness is living. 


About Trump, the thing to remember is one person aligned with their noble Vortex  (Higher Self) is more powerful than a million who are not.  That would be us.  We are in-and-out of our Higher Knowingness all through each day.  We don’t live totally in baffled-amnesia anymore.  We think on a higher plane to understand others who do not yet themselves, reach for their Higher Knowing.


As a nation of one consciousness, we will survive Trumps’ ego.  He may even get so ridiculous that his own ‘show’ is canceled! We are a nation of one consciousness having a discussion about what is noble (in the Vortex) behavior. 


Underneath life is a template for Harmony.  Earth is exactly the right distance from the sun, our eyeballs see, and color televisions provide us with bedtime stories!  The moon is our night-light.  Microwaves make popcorn, for goodness sake!  Fingers dance upon keyboards without searching.  We are a-bloomin’ miracle!


The underlying truth is we exist inside a template for Harmony…that same harmony that on the 23rd day of our gestation, changed our “heart tube” into four delicate chambers to channel our lifeblood for 100 years.  God stayed up really late!!!


And we are INSIDE of this God…
Love, “Crystal”

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