Chana Anderson’s Artwork ~ batch #1

by faithgibson on April 18, 2023

Chana’s Artwork posted during May 2023


A favorite piece of your artwork right here (replace bird photo)



Short intro by Chana to her adult children


Links to each of your photos 

Note to Chana — after you give me the name for each individual picture, I will list it by its name (not number) next to the one inch square “thumbnail”.

Visitors to the post of your artwork links <…batch-1-may-2023/ ‎> to access the full size photo by clicking on its name, for example,  “Shalom”, and that will trigger the link to open the page with that photo. But right now most of these links just day “picture #?

Tree of Life





Butterfly and Friends




Money Journey








Light from darkness







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