Crystal’s Excellent Adventures ~ Interactive story #1 June 2018

June 16, 2018

May 19, 2018

Dear Crystal ^O^

This is a like a ‘chain letter’ only it’s a ‘chain story’ just between the two of us. So far the story doesn’t have a name (or even a genre), but one will eventually suggest itself.

I’ll write a few paragraphs send it to you, then you’ll take the story where you want it to go and send it back to me, and I’ll add to your contribution and send it back to you. We keep doing this until we decide to quit or a that story neither of us knows gets told.

Love sis ^O^

The Unnamed Story

by Faith and Crystal Grunow

Chapter 1 by Faith

The late afternoon sun shone brilliantly through the sliding door between her kitchen and the backyard garden. The light perfectly outlined her slender silhouette, with her left hand perched lightly on one hip, while the other slowly and distractedly fingered something deep into the pocket of her summer skirt. Her posture conveyed a quiet air of pensiveness, but it was mostly illusional, as her mind was whirling around at warp speed.

The dream, the one she’s had for three nights in a row, had been so vivid, with so much activity and brilliant colors and scenes that she’d never seen before – at least not in this incarnation. But the Elders taught everyone – at least those Being advanced enough to understand the Eternal Mysteries – that what we often dismiss as ‘merely’ a dream is a personal time-traveling massager who is either showing us an important but currently unremembered past, or is providing a glimpse of our future. either in this life or the one to follow.

In this recurring dream, she saw two great harvest moons in the starry night sky and a high cliff face that towered over the town. Fresh spring water raced over the edge, wrapped itself tightly around the stony face, and then magically disappeared at the bottom without a trace.

All that could be seen was a wide grassy field surrounded by small bungalows built of sod with thatched roofs, each with a neatly trimmed green lawn and several kids’ bicycles leaning against a white picket fence. But in the vivid dream scene, there was not a single soul around – no Beings, not a dog or cat or even a bird. Instead, she was alone in the universe, overlooking the star-studded midnight blue sky and those two magnificent moons in the sky, their slivery reflections glinting off the swiftly flowing water as it lit up this serene but silent domestic scene.

As she stood there in the doorway, half in the house, half in the backyard, remembering her dream, it’s meaning suddenly became crystal clear to her ……

~~ As yet unnamed story to be continued by Finger Faeries in Deltona, Florida ~~

Chapter 2 ~ by Crystal with inserted text by Faith ^O^

Faith ^O^ ~  In her pocket, her hand cradled her most important treasure – a beautiful pocket watch in a gold and silver case. Its intricately carved lid normally covered the glass-enclosed face of the watch, but when she pushed small button on the side of the case, the lid popped open to display the timepiece’s handsome face, its elegant calligraphy of Roman numerals and a sweep second hand that never stopped circling the twelve hours, just as the sun never stopped circling the planet Earth.

Crystal ^♥^ ~ Fingering it, she felt the Centuries of Time imploring her to allow the magic underlying all existence to show itself. It became {instantly} clear to her that the Elders in her recurring dream were prompting her amnesia to clear…that amnesia is only temporary. She was to awaken to fuller memory…but from a new perspective.  That she was in fact, scheduled to re-claim her JOY in knowing she has always been embraced by a loving universe!

It became clear to her the two harvest moons and the endless waterfall in her dreams, were indicators of this boundless goodwill and support offered her at every moment…a kindness that loved her tenderly.  The light of the two harvest moons sweetly caressed her heart…and the waterfall was an endless supply of whatever she preferred!

She was on a path to remember how life happens…that MAGIC awaits her own personal directives.  She was on a path that began innocently…yet, would lead unfailingly to her remembrance that REAL empowerment was to use her own IMAGINATION!

She knew the fairytale town in the dream conveyed the fairytale wonder of existence…where Hope delights in playfully pretending…in delicious IMAGINING for the fun of it.

And support and supply to make anything happen, are always in glorious attendance!

“Crystal” 5/23/2018

Chapter 3 ~ Faith ^O^ ~ 05-31-2018

Her intuitive knowledge of what we call ‘hope’ was far more developed than most ordinarily humans; she knew all too well that hope was as vital to earthly existence as the oxygen humans depend on for bodily health. This identified her as an “Enlightened One”; for that reason, her name in this particular earthly incarnation was — fittingly enough — Hope.

Hope had long ago earned a Masters and then a Ph.D. in the Mystery of Spirit Eternal; this was attested to by the Watch she was fingering in her pocket. It had been bestowed on her when she graduated (with high honors) from the Ethereal University of the Eternal Arts. This Watch was both a mundane physical object for the practical purpose of keeping track of earthly time, and it represented the present-tense action verb: ‘to watch’. This described the existential principle of being fully present at each and every moment, as the second hand on her Watch swept the minutes by, one by one, wherever she was in the Time and Space continuum of earthly existence.

The touchstone ticking in Hope’s pocket was a constant reminder that she was living in the very real world of time and space. She knew only too well that life in a physical body in the temporal plane here on the Planet Earth was the exact opposite of the Eternal realm. The entire human species, including herself, her loved ones – even her favorite kitten Jonathan — all lived in the physical world.

To be alive on Planet Earth was to be immersed in a world of duality. Every attribute had its opposite – light and dark, hot and cold, sharp and smooth, ephemeral and substantial, near and far away, male and female, happy and sad, rich and poor, powerful and powerless, good and bad, heaven and hell — all reflected the dualistic nature of our dilemma as Earthlings living in a time-space dimension.

Of course, Hope was only too aware that the greatest of all these oppositional dualities was existence itself. This eternal reality had been cleverly immortalized in Shakespeare’s famous sonnet: “To be, or NOT to be, that is the question”.

However, Hope, as an Enlightened One, was in on the cosmic joke. The same dualistic world of hot-cold, yes-no, life-death opposites also included, in plain view, a dimension of human consciousness that had no opposite: The eternally-present moment, a place with no beginning and no end, the timeless place where our species actually lives in each and every moment of our earthly existence, although so few people are aware of this immutable fact.

This perpetual stream of consciousness is where we are fully present in the moment, aware of ourselves, while also being aware of time and space as it flows past us second by second. Within those sequential “nows”, our consciousness is capable – if and when we don’t get in our own way — of simultaneously encompassing the present moment of time, while it also mentally slips back and forth between being today in this very minute, while briefly interlacing an ever-changing kaleidoscope of vivid memory of yesterday, intertwined with our mental imagines of tomorrow in future times and future places.

Hope’s study of this singular and non-dualistic phenomenon taught her that all humans life actually takes place in the present but that very present is itself a mental construct — a 72-hour consciousness bubble of “yesterday-TODAY-tomorrow”, intertwined with a fixed idea of the last week and our aspirations for the next few days or weeks. This is the ‘sweet spot’ in which humans reach across the duality of time and space and come the closest to experiencing eternity.

Those beings, who by years of training or the luck of sheer happenstance, have realized that “now” is the only place we ever are in this temporal world, although it’s is often the very last place that people actually experience themselves to be. Instead, they are held hostage by past problems and future fears that the here and now is simply the place where they regret their past and worry about their future. However, those humans who fully embrace and implement that knowledge, are able to claim their immortality in present time, while their Spirit is still housed in their mortal bodies.

Of course, Hope had figured all this out many lives ago. She knew only too well that human suffering is often – but not always — defined by whether we are living fully in the moments of present time, or our consciousness is being held hostage by distressing memories and an apparition of a fearful future.

Hope was still standing transfixed in the doorway of her kitchen while absently fingering the Watch in her pocket when her fingers detected a familiar a tingling sensation. She quickly removed the Watch and touched the small bottom on the side of the case to snap open the lid. She was surprised, but not perturbed, to see the delicate hands on Watch move backward, at first very slowly and then with increasing speed, they raced around the hour marks on its face until the speed was so great that colors began to blend together and the hum got louder and louder. Slowly at first and then with at greater and greater force, she began to feel herself being pulled out of her kitchen, out of her 21st-century world, and into the vortex of Time.

Chapter 4… Crystal ^♣^ The Fourth Dimention (“The Husband says”)

As Hope fingered the watch in her pocket, she pushed a button and began to feel herself pulled out of her kitchen and into a Vortex of Time and felt herself falling into a soft velvet blueness.  She had known the physical dimension, the mental dimension, and the emotional dimension but now, she had asked to know the spiritual dimension!

In this velvet blueness were tiny points of light off in the distance.  As she walked nearer to these lights, she began to realize they were actual people!  In this fourth dimension, they emanated LOVE and Hope did not breath air, she breathed their LOVE!  She could feel their exquisite harmonies!  This was the piece of the puzzle she had long asked toknow…and to experience. This same Love WAS the invisible template for the harmony behind the galaxy and everything in it!  LOVE arranged the intricacies of language she was able to employ in her letters.  Love was the kindness of the neighbor who mowed her lawn…even the way a carburetor, carburates!

Some “higher-self” of her kitten Molly, knew innately…the tidy purpose of a pan of gravel.  And even to cover up her cute little nuggets…to allow easy cohabitation with her humans!  Love designed everything!

These points-of-light people began pulling little negativities off Hope’s clothing…like brushing-off dirt.  This would allow her to stay awhile, as too much darkness takes a person to other regions…away from this exquisite LOVE.  Hope wanted to stay awhile!

“Crystal”    (June 6th, 2018)

Chapter 5 ~ Faith ^O^

The Kind Universe granted Hope’s desire to ‘stay awhile’. In the Eternity of Bliss, there are no yesterdays or tomorrows, just oceans of leisurely yet still intense ‘nows’. While this was wonderful, Hope would have no way to mark the passage of time as Earthlings were accustomed to doing.

The Enlightened Ones knew Hope was only a temporary visitor. Since she destined to return again to Earth in a physical body, they created an energy field that let her experience what people on Planet Earth would think of as several ‘weeks’ of Todays. She remembered the day before, and these ‘yesterdays’ were accompanied by vivid imagings what each of her ‘tomorrows’ would be like.

(Crystal, you may have some ideas for describing Hope’s experience in Eternity. If so, just insert it here. However, my mind is already planning the next ‘plot turn’, so I am moving the story forward at this point.)

After many imagined weeks of an appreciated vacation, Hope woke particularly early one day, just as the morning sun was peaking thru the delicate lace curtain on her window. She found a small note and her Watch lying on the table beside her bed. It said she had been reassigned to the earthly realm and should prepare her mind for returning to earth’s time and space. The Cross-over was scheduled to take place at sunset.

Of course, Hope had known all along that the physical body she still inhabited was destined to return to life on earth because, as a human being, she was still a ‘work-n-progress’. Earth was a large schoolroom in which humans learned how to love one another, how to be fully present in the present moment, accept what is, and develop the capacity to be both compassionate, generous and joyous.

Humans were embryotic spiritual entities – angels in the making — in the early stages of evolving into enlightened spiritual being. They stilled needed the physical plane, with its pains and pleasures, extremes of weather, and the other natural forces of a geological world of time and space. The newest, least evolved humans, those who had yet to discover the humility of their status as mere humans, often needed to have the sharp pointed edges of their personalities knock off by the rude realities of the physical world. They were risk-takers who thrived on dangerous adventures and were much happier in outward action than inward introspection.

For people who had progressed farther, the daily interactive process between people, and the various types of ‘dust-ups’ so common in human society were particularly educational, thus useful to one spiritual development. Hope understood that learning to successfully navigate the complex nature and unpredictability of human emotions helped her and others to progress to a higher state of enlightenment and come closer to their goal.

By doing one’s homework of loving and learning, eventually a human would rise to a new level of insight and with a bit of experimentation, figure out how to use 100% of his or her mind by letting themselves meld with MIND – all that was, is and will be. That person was truly free and would, as a matter of course, join the Enlightened Souls in that place with no time and no space that was simply known as “Eternity”

Luckily for Hope, she was in the last few cycles of her human incarnations – akin to the last half of a Master’s Program. As a result of completing all her previous assignments with flying colors, she had more choices and more interesting and varied options to choose from.

Each of the fledgling souls of newly minted humans were given the opportunity to choose among a wide selection of assignments on Planet Earth. What they choose was voluntary but having an earthly assignment was mandatory – everybody had to play a part in the cacophony of humanity that was slowly unfolding on the 3rd rock from the sun in a tiny, off-the-beaten path galaxy, lost in an unnamed cosmos.

Assignments came in the form of individual handwritten letters an elegant and official-looking envelope with a big gold seal and a delicate white feather attached with a slender red ribbon. Each person received a box with 13 different assignments specially chosen to meet their stage of development as well as the needs of the people on their native planet. No two assignments were alike, as the destination could be anywhere on Earth, any time or any place. The assignment could be a temporary “touch-and-go”, as short as a couple of hours or a few days, or they could span an entire human lifetime. Some contained an early release clause that meant the assignment would suddenly end mid-stream, due to some unnamed and unforeseen event such as war, accident or illness.

Assignment documentation included the biological circumstances of the incarnate human, stipulating gender, age, ethnicity, skin color, social and economic status, as well as the length of life. While it was completely OK to choose a different gender, this biological aspect of human identity was so baked into the cake that most people choose an assignment that matched their original gender.

In addition to basic biology, each letter included a brief described of the social circumstances of that particular assignment — whether the incarnate’s assignment would be extraordinary in some way, such as being very rich, famous, very poor, or playing a large or small role in some important event, such as an invention, a war, being a teach, mother, father, moral leader, college professor — or would require highly ethical behavior and considerable courage and endurance.

This information also identified assignments in mundane circumstances, just doing one’s often boring job every day, and playing one’s part in a life without dramatic highs or lows. These assignments usually had very little risk and considerable physical comfort, but they lacked opportunities to learn and love beyond one’s current comfort zone. Unfortunately, this does not greatly advance one’s spiritual growth.

At the other end of the spectrum, some assignments offered the possibility of being a public hero, Hollywood star, a famous professor, priest, minister, rabbi or imam, a prisoner of war, or martyr. Another possibility is an important public figure like an Army general, senator, president or king. Between these extraordinary life circumstances is the middle, which can mean boring normalness or that one’s assignment would include an abusive parent or spouse, suffering from a terrible disease, living in a war zone – the whole spectrum of possibilities that challenge a person to his or her very core. Obviously, spiritual enlightenment is not an easy path.

While identifying the general goal of each specific incarnation, the assignment’s description does not reveal information about personal satisfaction, such as whether the person would particularly like or dislike his or her newest incarnation. The letter doesn’t tell you is whether your life will be easy or hard, happy or sad if you will achieve your goals, whether you will like or not like your life.

There are two reasons for this. First, the most fundamental characteristic of life in a human body is “no guarantees” for how things turn out, short-term or in the long-run. That is just an intrinsic aspect of learning in the People Planet School of Love, which is the purpose of the Planet Earth. Second, the reason assignments are silent on whether your life will be easy or hard, happy or sad, you’ll like or dislike it, is those qualities of adjustment and contentment in anyone’s life depends on them – how they deal with the hand dealt them by Divine Providence.

By now, Hope was well aware of how much she could and couldn’t know ahead of time about her assignment. But she was no longer a fledgling, so her choices were both more intrinsically satisfying AND more challenging. People in her ranking were required to do a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ – being there in times of trouble and meeting needs that other Earthlings didn’t or couldn’t address. They often were the glue that held life on Planet Earth together.

But her status also had some very nice perks, such as being assigned to ‘special duty’, which was a brief and temporary gig of just a few days in a time and place that was dramatically different than any of her previous encounters.

That was what she decided to do and quickly dispatched a note to the right heavenly official that she was signing up for a very special duty assignment. Not knowing what awaited her gave her gave her a rush of anticipation. Instead of going back to her kitchen doorway, she would, as least for a while, be reassigned to a wonderful new adventure and entirely different life. She smiled as she contemplated the possibilities. Maybe she’d make some new friends or …….


Faith ~ June 14th, 2018 at 2:14 am