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The Contemplative Conversation Continues ~

by faithgibson on June 17, 2013

I aspire to be a Class A, sure-enough ‘contemplative’ — i.e. play with the big boys. But the more accurate description of my zig-zag spiritual life put me in the category the “Occasional Contemplative”. Like an occasional tourist, I briefly visit that exotic distant land within my own soul, then I fall off the wagon […]

The Good Citizen’s Prayer

by faithgibson on August 6, 2012

Grant us prudence in proportion to our power, Wisdom in proportion to our science, Humaneness in proportion to our wealth and might.   Book of Hours, Thomas Merton; page 156, Kindle position 1504  

We need a Steve Jobs of religion ……

by faithgibson on May 2, 2012

“We need a Steve Jobs of religion. Someone (or ones) who can invent not a new religion but rather a new way of being religious … the new way would be straightforward and unencumbered and absolutely intuitive.” By Eric Weiner — NYTimes December 10, 2011  “American:Undecided about God?”

Thomas Merton, Trappist monk and Judeo-Christian contemplative,  is my hero. My One True Thing for today is sharing his astonishing thoughts on ‘the still point of presence’, which he calls “le point vierge” or ‘the virgin point’ of the spirit, where one meets G*D, and which is the glory of G*D in us — “a pure […]