Ethics & Religious Principles

                The following quote is taken from the book: “Everyday Holiness” by Alan Morinis on the soul-trait of “loving-kindness” “It isn’t enough to hold warm thoughts in our hearts, or just to wish each other well. We are meant to offer real substance to one another, and the ways in which […]

Excerpt from “G*D, Jews, and History”

by faithgibson on February 16, 2015

Jews, God, and History (50th Anniversary Edition). Dimont, Max I. (2004-06-01). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition, location # beginning on 7016 (hard copy -page# 416). I’ve always found Max Dimont (the author) ‘s concluding words on the last 4 pages (416 to 419) of the 1962 hard-copy publication to be exciting, encouraging and very revenant […]

Return to Part 3 Euthanasia & Eugenics ~ strange bedfellows of profit, purification, and political appeasement My thoughts and conclusion (draft version) on the original question of responsibility by German citizens to have stopped him and victims of Hitler to have more successfully resisted his systematic and industrialized criminality  Continue from Part 4: Another of Hitler’s […]

Act Two:  Ending the Great War ~ Victory for Allies,  Humiliation for Germany Having been fought on the megalithic scale of an industrialized, mechanized and technologically-enhanced, the Great War permanently ended the traditional codes of chivalry and honor that the nobility and its armies had lived and fought under for centuries. Even more important, the […]

This is the second of a 4-part series; it won’t make sense without first reading the original post.    A Slow-motions Disaster in Three Acts WWII and the brutal and systematized extra-judicial incarceration, torture and killing of a large number of Germany’s own citizen of all religious and political backgrounds, and Jews all across Europe […]

~ word count 1836 ~     I started this post on WWII as a short introduction for the Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood, which is an anthology by clergy and other leaders of the Church of England. It contains 104 ‘letters of the scattered brotherhood’ written during the pre-war period and WWII (1933 to 1945). […]

I have an original 1962 hardcopy of this book, with my mother’s name neatly penned on the inside cover. She gave it to me when I was a young adult. Reading it turn out to be a seminal event in my life, similar to my experience of Will Durant’s book “The Story of Philosophy“. I love both […]

A Judeo-Christian church near me scheduled a series of three sermons titled “Putting Politics in its Place” for the three Sundays preceding the contentious 2012 presidential elections. In addition to electing our next president, this election would be a referendum on whether America as a country was egalitarian enough to embrace the reelection of a […]

I  am perplexed by the meanness of spirit in the current ‘take no prisonors’ partisan political debate. I  know its an election year, but the idea of American politics as a blood sport promoted by many who profess to be sincere Christians disappoints me deeply. When did Christian charity become un-American? For instance, many  politicians and political commentators smugly insist that […]