Contemplative Reading

  Tiny URL: Quoted from: Reflections: ~ Book of poetry for High Holy Days ~ Congregation Etz Chayim, 5778 pages 7 & 8 ~ Wise Words by John O’Donohue, p#8 When personal guilt over a past event becomes a continuous cloud over your life, you are locked in a mental prison and have become […]

What is a tree? by Rabbi David Kasher (re-posted)

by faithgibson on September 16, 2016

BUBER’S TREE – Parshat Shoftim by Rabbi David Kasher  Podcast  |  PDF Version What is a tree? That almost-too-simple question has the Biblical commentators all in a tizzy this week. Their problem is not botanical, however – it is linguistic. It is the strange phrasing of a verse in Parshat Shoftim {i.e. weekly Torah reading} that has prompted […]

                The following quote is taken from the book: “Everyday Holiness” by Alan Morinis on the soul-trait of “loving-kindness” “It isn’t enough to hold warm thoughts in our hearts, or just to wish each other well. We are meant to offer real substance to one another, and the ways in which […]

My book review of the LSB as published on Amazon BACKGROUND ~ LSB, British authors & WWII: The letters in the anthology “Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood” were originally written by Anglican priests and other religious leaders of the Anglican Church in the UK during the 6-year buildup to the WWII, and the 7 years of […]

G*D’s view of us from the Contemplative’s perspective

by faithgibson on September 15, 2013

Excerpts from Trappist monk Thomas Merton’s ~ A Book of Hours Beginning on pages 176 and paraphrased ever so slightly Accompanied by photos from “The Best Street Art of 2012” — i.e ordinary cracks in the sidewalk as never seen before! Street artists humanize a crack growing out of a manhole cover into an inspiriting work […]

My Amazon Review by FAITHGIBSON on JUNE 19, 2013 “Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood” is collection of 104 letters about the spiritually-uplifting experience of everyday life that can, with the gentlest of instruction and encouragement, become a dependable part of religion. The instructional letters in the LSB were written by many different authors and originally published in The […]

The Contemplative Conversation Continues ~

by faithgibson on June 17, 2013

I aspire to be a Class A, sure-enough ‘contemplative’ — i.e. play with the big boys. But the more accurate description of my zig-zag spiritual life put me in the category the “Occasional Contemplative”. Like an occasional tourist, I briefly visit that exotic distant land within my own soul, then I fall off the wagon […]

The Good Citizen’s Prayer

by faithgibson on August 6, 2012

Grant us prudence in proportion to our power, Wisdom in proportion to our science, Humaneness in proportion to our wealth and might.   Book of Hours, Thomas Merton; page 156, Kindle position 1504  

Thomas Merton, Trappist monk and Judeo-Christian contemplative,  is my hero. My One True Thing for today is sharing his astonishing thoughts on ‘the still point of presence’, which he calls “le point vierge” or ‘the virgin point’ of the spirit, where one meets G*D, and which is the glory of G*D in us — “a pure […]