An ordinary American’s “take” on Trump’s Oval Office Boarder Wall speach

by faithgibson on January 9, 2019

An email from by sister, Crystal, to her friends Rachel, me (Faith) & her friend Joy       
{Glee and Pleasure are our Northstar}
    I could not bear to watch the speech last night.  I tried but my husband was adamant to change the channel and I agreed.  
A wall seems to be a mistaken assumption…that people on earth are not ALL in the same pie.  To build a wall seems to be directing funds
to help NO ONE.
    Better roads, scholarships, programs for young mothers, maintaining areas of natural beauty are all meaningful…an impactful use of funds.  A wall prevents the betterment of life…not only keeping people OUT but also, leaving no funds to correctly direct!
    I knew when Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall, he was delusional.  Mexico is already a desperate situation.  They don’t have 5B dollars to waste.  They have to buy beans and rice, and patch roads that would otherwise become undriveable.  A wall accomplishes nothing of value to them.
    I am deepening my resolve to acknowledge and savor the many harmonies that already surround me.  I am choosing to appreciate extraordinary GRACESMy neighborhood, stores, roads, sunlight, trees, APPLIANCESso many GRACES are already present
We’re supposed to fixate upon what is RIGHT…and not obsess over what is wrong or what seems missing.
    APPRECIATION isThe Handbook of Instruction for Earth Living“…in order to have any control over whatever ELSE is going to show up.  Just today, a man on tv said he lives in Gratitude… APPRECIATING so much.  He has found real success… a JOYful unfolding of his career and life! 
    He lives a Knowing that GLEE and pleasure are his Northstar.  He is IN his Vortex and he is the LOUDEST voice in the room!  He is the very definition of “dynamic”.
    I find a sweet pleasure in harmonizing pockets of space.  No one else is ATTRACTING reality FOR me.  Others will discover their own gentle, inner directives to recognize harmonies…which then, attract more to enjoy.  They can’t do this for me and I cannot do it for them!  We each hold our own tv CLICKER!
    Jesus’ “Power of Faith” and SETH (that “we create our own reality”)…failed to explain HOW.  Abraham advances the same lesson…clarifying how to use Law of Attraction. 
Get happy…appreciate, live in gratitude…and GET MORE to thrill!
    GRACE upon GRACE…upon GRACE.   
                      Love, “Crystal”

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