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Walk in immorality now

If there ye are intent upon wisdom a lamp will not be wanting and
a shepherd will not fail and a fountain will not dry up.


LSB page #54-57

Today let us write down this prayer:

“The Holy Spirit within me, hold me in thy gentleness, which gives me strength.

Keep me from the strain that takes me far from thee, keep me in thy radiant presences. Keep me awake that the sleep of forgetfulness may not shut thee from me; remind me of my immortality now.

I know that I am in thy love, keep me illuminated and untarnished. Teach me to play my part.” 

...In times like these, we cannot go out into the world without the armor of God, and the only way we can wear it is to keep our minds clothed in the idea of him all day long. Let the Spirit within do the thinking, the talking, the listening. Stand back and let it guide your feet; you’re never alone and the light within can be a comfort in the darkness to others.

No word need be spoken and sometimes, perhaps many times, we feel only confusion and the limitations of our own personalities to such an extent that we doubt the reality of the power within; but if the naked intent is there, it’s light is felt without any effort on our part and sometimes without the conscious awareness of others.

“Of myself I can do nothing”, the Father dwelling within lives and works in me, if I tether my mind to him ever even ever so little. And today everyone has a great obligation to keep aware faithfully to the creative power.

And here’s a prayer for emergency when alarm strike with the force of a blow when you’re tempted to put your faith in your antagonist:

I am on duty; thy hand I feel upon my shoulder. Let thy peace flow through my heart to all about me. I know thou livest and though I cannot see the working of the divine plan, I know that my being on duty is part of the awakening that is to come. Here I am, aware of thy presence, thy love, the goodness.

I know I have immortality now, in this life, that thou has placed the Shield of Faith up on my arm and the Sword of the Spirit in my hand, the Spurs of Resolution and Action upon my feet. I dedicate myself in this hour of seaming

despair, to faith, to joy, and to the knowledge that I am alive in thee.

I will resolve not quail, nor to dwell in idle foreboding. I dedicate myself to holding the portals of my heart wide open, that I may be a channel for thy Spirit. I dedicate every living hour to this resolve, to thy service.

I trust in thee; I am on duty.”

Some exercise themselves a mini commendable practices to perform many exit virtue. Period. This is well enough for beginners, but it belongs to a far higher perfection to follow the interior attraction of the Holy Spirit and be guided by his direction.
                                                           Louis Lallement, 1587-1635

Religion is not a melancholy,
the Spirit of God is not a dampe!

John Donne, 15 73–16 31




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