LSB: Excerpt ~ page 43

February 15, 2016

We all know that the human you is contrary, it is the way the aminal is made, for man is always contrary to his inner self; the problem is to melt these two into one so that there is no conflict. There may be help in taking a sort of lazy, lying-in-the-sun attidude when caring too much about {contentious and problematice} people, material things, injustice and meanness.

When tempted to emotional upheaval say, “Hold: this is too good to waste on little things, I will {instead} put {my emergy} into vigor or discipline.”  So many tired people are enraged by the little things of life and use heavy artillery when a word would do. Great forces are in you; do not let them loose in any other way at this time, than to make then build your holy temple. Remember how you were told of the delicacy of thought;  when you hardn in human irritation you use too much power on unimportant things, Therefore keep yourself in practice on little things, for that steaming and ttraining over stupidities is not worth the emtion spend on them. Save this mighty power to keep yourself your life will be renewed, balanced, rested and fortified.
It is difficult not to be subjected to the enraging fires of personalitiers, but personalities are only states. You will findsome arid and some boiling, some terrifying, some eviland when you meet or even tlk of one tou can turn on a destructive force which though you soon forget it, is very tiring in result. It is so easy to be put of your guard; watch others and notice how the appetite the anger and critical resentment poisons their thoughts.
What I am trying to tell you is that the beauty you seek is so easy to find but is only found by being always on guard, not being tempted off it {for} an instant. No, smile and walk with easy confidence amoung all sort of states of consciousness and be so illumied from within that they too will become purified. These contracts cannot strain nor tire nor block you. Oh, dear child, it is such a wonderful way to find rest! Patience on little things and litttle people and you will see how immediate will be your release — your release fromw hoat is called “the weary world.” Laugh and shine on them impersonally and you will see the coming of a light so clear in will be as if until then you had only peered througth foggy mists.
Be secretly aware and restfully industrious in keeping your thoughts in that place where the air is as bright as fine glass or poolsin marble basins — wherebeauty is transcendent. It is a place wherethereis no longing that is the tenderness mixed in the amazement, for herehope is fulfilled. Stay then in this stillnessso heavenly tht the poets can only reach it in high lonely moments. Keep in this place, for the tender and the great moments which have lifted you far above dull realities are all here; honor and bright hopes are here, true courage is here. Do not be fearful ever of being fearful, but rather abide where you will be given those things that will protect you.
The way, then, is to still the confict between your inner and outer selves, to join hands and present yourself before him, that you may rise to your true stature in his presence; here all strain and effort and contrariness will pass away like running shadows. Do not worry and allow thoughts to swell into heavy mountains but keep in this place {of inner peace in the protection of Spirt} and let the details of your life resolve. Not to fret onver non-essentials when one can breathe the coool strong air, is what is meant. And remember never knit your brow, keep it holy!
For crooked thought seperate from G*D.
Quote from the Wisdom of Solomon